The Essential Baby Tog Guide to Keeping Your Baby Warm or Cool

There are no instructions on how to raise a baby, but you ask other parents and doctors. There is no hard and fast rule on how to raise a child, but you have to try your best. 

A lot is going on in your life, and you may not know about baby togs and their importance.

It's okay. Being a parent is challenging, but this guide is here to help.

Read on for more information. 

What Is TOG?

Thermal Overall Grade or TOG is a unit of measurement in the UK. When selecting a sleeping bag for your baby or other products for yourself like a duvet, the tog rating becomes important.

The tog provides an idea about the thermal insulation of your baby's sleeping bag. 

TOG vs GSM Rating 

TOG, as you know, is the unit of measurement, and it's an abbreviation for Thermal Overall Grade. So it tells you about thermal insulation. 

On the other hand, GSM is also a unit of measurement, which is an abbreviation for Grams per Square Meter. Therefore, you will get an idea about the quality and weight of the fabric by looking at the GSM. 

A higher GSM rating means that the density of the fabric is also higher. 

When the tog rating is higher, the fabric will be warmer. 

TOG Rating Temperature Chart 

It's hard to know what the tog rating should be when buying baby items. However, when you have some sort of reference, it makes the purchasing decision much easier. It's important to remember that you must be aware of the temperature of your the room in which your baby sleeps. 

Consider the following: 






Nappy (disposable) 



Old blanket  

New blanket 


Bedding Tog Value 


2 (less when wet) 




Source here 

  • A commercial sleeping bag of2.5 togis suitable all year round for the standard room temperature between 16°C and 20°C. 
  • For warmer weather and warmer rooms (20-24°C), a value of 1.0 tog is ideal. 
  • A value of 0.5 tog for hot weather and warm rooms (24-27°C). 

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What's The Best TOG for A Baby to Sleep In?

According to theNHS, the ideal and comfortable room temperature for your baby is between 16°C and 20°C. 

According toNCT, when you're using a sleeping bag, it's best to check the recommendation by the manufacturer for tog thickness. You don't want the baby to get too hot or too cold! 

At Little Blue Nest, we provide 1.5 TOG baby sleeping bags made from four layers of 100% breathable organic cotton muslin. Our sleeping bags will keep your little one comfortable, snuggly and secure for a blissful nights sleep.

What Should A Baby Wear to Sleep? 

According tothe NHS, using well-fitting and lightweight sleeping bags would be suitable, but you must know how to use the sleeping bag correctly when putting your baby to sleep. Also, the baby must always sleep on their back and not on the side or front. Use a vest and baby suit along with a sleeping bag if the temperature is below 20°C

When your baby shows signs of moving out of the crib or crawling, it's time to stop using the sleeping bags at night. 

According toLullaby Trust, if the baby gets too hot, the chance of Sudden Infant Syndrome (SID) may increase. There is no need to wear hats when sleeping. 

You must know which type of clothing would be suitable for your baby as it would depend on the room's temperature.

For example: Use a long-sleeved bodysuit and sleepsuit or pyjama set when using 2.5 tog commercial sleeping bag.

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How Do I Know If My Baby Is Cold At Night? 

The hands and feet of your baby are usually colder, so it may not indicate correctly whether your baby is cold at night. Keep the room temperature between 16°C and 20°C. 

Check your baby's chest and the back of the neck. Keep an eye on your baby at night, especially during winter. Overheating is dangerous, so if the baby appears sweaty, it's best to remove the extra layers. 

Also, buy a thermometer to check the room temperature and check the temperature of your baby at night. Using the right baby essentials can save you from hassle. 

If your baby wakes up from sleep in the middle of the night and is crying, it's a sign that there could be an issue. Babies can't tell you if they're feeling hot or cold, so you have to figure out whether it's an issue with the temperature or whether they're hungry or need to change the nappy! 

At What Age Can A Child Sleep with A Blanket? 

According toNHS, it's not safe to use pillows and duvets for babies under one year old. You can tuck them in with blankets, but they must not get caught under the blanket. So, you have to put the feet first at the cot's bottom. Tuck them in with a blanket safely, and follow the NHS guidelines for more information. 

However, when your baby becomes a toddler and is at least eighteen months of age, you can start introduce blankets for sleeping. It has to be safe no matter what. 

While a blanket is important your baby also wants something soft to sleep on. Our cot bed fitted sheets 70cm x 140cm are the perfect accompaniment. Made from 100% breathable organic cotton muslin they're buttery soft and gentle on your baby's tender skin to ensure the most blissful nights sleep!

Final Words 

Understanding the tog rating can give you a fair idea of what type of sleeping bag would suit your baby at a specific temperature. However, you must follow the safety guidelines as it's hard to realise what's right and not when you're a new parent. Follow the manufacturer's recommendation when using sleeping bags.

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