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Swaddle or Sleeping Bag: Which is Best for My Baby?

Life is challenging, but it's full of surprises. Looking at your baby for the first time will surely bring tears to your eyes, but your mind will eventually start wondering.

You may find yourself asking the most basic questions like what's best for my baby "swaddle or sleeping bag, formula or breastfeeding, and so much more!"

The list goes on, and parenthood isn't easy, but it's manageable once you know where to find answers. 

Today, let's delve into swaddles vs. sleeping bags. 

Let's dig in. 

What is a Swaddle?

A swaddle is a soft blanket to wrap your little one. It mimics the feeling of the womb and lets your baby sleep peacefully. The practise of swaddling has been around for centuries, so parents of newborns think about buying swaddle blankets. 

If you are a new parent, check out our wonderful range of organic swaddle blankets to make your life easy! 

Advantages of Swaddles

According to Baby Centre, there are many advantages of using swaddle blankets for your little one, such as: 

  • Swaddling can help your baby sleep longer. So when you want time for yourself, it's best to swaddle your newborn! 
  • Swaddling is great for the startle reflex as the newborns feel such reflexes as the environment outside the womb is new for them. However, swaddling can mimic the feeling of the womb, which makes it a viable option. 
  • Swaddling can also help a baby to self-soothe. 

Drawbacks of Swaddles

All that glitters is not gold, so you have to be careful of a few things when swaddling your baby, such as: 

  • Make sure you don't swaddle too tight as it can cause hip problems. 
  • If the baby has hip dysplasia, it's better to ask the doctor whether it's okay to swaddle or not. 
  • Don't put on too many layers as it can cause overheating. 
  • Always put the swaddled baby on their back. Avoid putting them on their side or front to avoid the risk of SIDs. 
  • Avoid co-sleeping with a swaddled baby. 

According toNCT, it's best to avoid swaddling a baby when breastfeeding as it can cause overheating. 

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What to Look for in a Swaddle 

Finding swaddles for your baby may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. 

Consider the following: 


You must select the right size of swaddle blankets for your baby. It's best to look at the product details to get more information on the available size and see if it's perfect for your baby. You may find different sizes of swaddle blankets on the market. However, it's vital to select a size that's large enough so that you can easily use it for your little one. 

For example, you will find large swaddle blankets at Little Blue Nest measuring 47 inches x 47 inches.


According toNCT, you must use thin breathable material for swaddling, for example, cotton muslin wraps such as those we provide at Little Blue Nest.


Your baby's legs have to be in a natural position (like a frog), and they should be able to move their knees freely. The goal of swaddling is to make your baby comfortable. 


You have to follow the safety guidelines and learn how to swaddle your baby safely. If you are leaving your baby in daycare or if someone is taking care of your baby, be sure that they're also aware of swaddling techniques (if you plan to use swaddle blankets). 


There are different styles of swaddle blankets. It depends on whether you want to select a traditional swaddle blanket or a modern blanket that comes with zippers, velcro, or snaps. The two-in-one swaddles will let you leave your baby's arm in, out, up, or down.

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What is a Baby Sleeping Bag?

A baby sleeping bag is a wearable blanket, more like a bodysuit with armholes and a head hole that a baby can easily wear. It makes changing nappies easy. It's also a great option when babies start rolling over. It keeps the legs free and protects the babies from loose blankets that could otherwise be dangerous! 

If you're a parent of a newborn and looking for baby sleeping bags, check out the Little Blue Nest's gorgeous organic muslin sleeping bag collection.

All sleeping bags are made from four layers of 100% breathable organic cotton muslin and rated 1.5 tog, our sleeping bags will keep your little one comfortable, snuggly and secure for a blissful nights sleep.

Advantages of Baby Sleeping Bags 

There are several advantages of using baby sleeping bags, such as: 

  • You will find them easy to use
  • Changing nappies of your baby at night is a lot easier
  • When your baby starts rolling over, a baby sleeping bag will come in handy
  • You don't need to use loose blankets when using a sleeping bag
  • It's great for the safety of your baby. It helps the baby sleep peacefully at night

Drawbacks of Baby Sleeping Bags 

There are also drawbacks of using baby sleeping bags, for example: 

  • When your baby starts crawling or shows signs of trying to get out of the crib or cot, then it's best to avoid these sleeping bags
  • It won't be ideal to use a sleeping bag if your little one is too active and rolls over frequently
  • Using a baby sleeping bag with suitable material is crucial as you don't want the baby to get too hot

As a new parent, it's can be difficult decide what works for your baby and what doesn't. First, you have to see if your baby is sleeping peacefully in the sleeping bag. Not all babies are the same.

We have positive reviews on all our organic baby sleeping bags, especially our  Woodland Pattern Organic Cotton Muslin Baby Sleeping Bag.

One parent had this to say about the woodland pattern sleeping bag:

"The sleeping bag print is gorgeous and the fabric is lovely and soft. Would highly recommend. I have been gifted a few items before baby was born and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase more for my baby or gifts for others." - Jessica

What to Look for in a Baby Sleeping Bag

Last-minute shopping is overwhelming, so it's best to know what to keep in mind when buying baby sleeping bags. 

Consider the following: 


Refer to the sizing charts when selecting the sleeping bags for your baby. You have to see your baby's age and consider their weight when choosing the right sleeping bag size for your baby. 


The material of the sleeping bag must be breathable, and it should not irritate the skin of your baby, for example, cotton muslin. 


A baby sleeping bag has to be comfortable for the little one. When you see your little one sleeping peacefully at night, you will know that the product is comfortable. 


Your child's safety is vital, so you have to ensure that the baby's sleeping bag doesn't cover your child's head. In addition, it must have a safe design. 


Different brands would offer different styles! You can opt for the one you like the most. For example, there could be sleeveless ones or those with different materials. 

Summary: Which Is Better, A Swaddle or a Sleeping Bag? 

It depends on what your baby prefers. You can start with swaddling for a newborn, but all babies are different, and some may even skip this stage. You can use a sleeping bag from the beginning, but it must be suitable for a newborn. You can transition from a swaddle blanket to a sleeping bag when the baby starts rolling over.

See what works best for you and your baby! 


Which is Safer for a Newborn Baby, a Sleeping Bag, or a Swaddle? 

It's wise to follow the sleeping guidelines by the NHS for a newborn baby and use accordingly. A swaddle seems a viable option for a newborn as it mimics the feeling of the womb, while a sleeping bag is the best choice for babies when they start rolling over.

Also, a swaddle can wrap the baby like a burrito, and it will usually fit better than a sleeping bag if the baby is too small. But, it all depends on how your baby is developing. 

Do I Need A Blanket And A Swaddle? 

When wrapping your newborn baby, make sure you're not overheating them. So, it's best to use the swaddle blanket alone, made of thin material. On the other hand, using a blanket on top of that or under the swaddle won't be ideal as it can overheat your baby.

Always follow the safety precautions when using the products for your baby. If you are unsure about anything, it's best to discuss the situation with your doctor. As a newborn parent, it's understandable how complex and challenging small decisions could be. 

Can I Swaddle A Baby And Put Them In A Sleeping Bag? 

A newborn baby could be too small for a sleeping bag, but it depends on the size of the sleeping bag. Swaddling your newborn will help with the startle reflex as you don't want them to startle while sleeping.

According toNHS, the ideal room temperature for a baby is between 16 C to 20 C. You have to make sure that the baby doesn't feel overheated. Some people would like to use a swaddle and sleeping bag to avoid any hip problems, but it's best to see what works for your baby as each person has a different choice. If you're not sure, ask your doctor to guide you better.

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When Should I Stop Using Sleeping Bags? 

It depends on when your child is ready for the transition. Usually, it's best to stop using the sleeping bag when your child shows signs of trying to move out from the crib or cot. However, you don't want to take any chances, so it's best to watch out and see when your child is ready! 

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